44 lb Supply of 1-Inch Chlorine Tablets for Pool Water Treatment

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No fillers, glues, or binders for more effective sanitization

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1-Inch Chlorine Tablets Product Features:

  • Highly Concentrated Formula:These 1-inch chlorine tablets are made with 90% stabilized chlorine and 99% Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione, providing 100% cleaning power. This powerful formula effectively kills bacteria and stops all other unwanted growth, keeping pools and hot tubs safe and clean.
  • Optimal Size for Efficient Use:Tablets are perfectly 1-inch in size to be easy to handle and simple to use. Accurate sizing results in proper and effective chlorination without unnecessary mess.
  • Long-Lasting Cleanliness:Slow-dissolving tablets enable a stable release of chlorine to keep water clean for a long time, allowing the pool to retain its clarity. The slow dissolution of the tablets makes their use effective while also allowing the chlorine to last longer.
  • Versatile Compatibility:The tablets are compatible with all kinds of different feeders and skimmers and are perfect to use in any kind of pool. Convenient to use with various pool systems, these tablets find applications in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Dual-Function Protection:These tablets not only keep your water clean as chlorine effectively kills unwanted bacteria, but also prevent algae from spawning. Thus, these tablets help the pool to remain not just functional but also pleasant to use and aesthetically pleasing.


Chlorine Tablets Common Uses:

  • Residential pools: Homeowners use such chlorine tablets in order to make sure that their pools stay free of bacteria and algae during the swim season. The use is easy as owners do the tablets in floating dispensers, automatic feeders or skimmers where tablets dissolve gradually and release chlorine into the water.
  • Commercial pools and spas: Gyms, public pools, and spas use chlorine tablets for commercial swimming pools and hot tubs since it is easy to maintain a large amount of water at the required purity with their help. It is essential for such facilities to keep the water safe and up to health regulations.
  • Seasonal maintenance: With the beginning and end of the swimming season, pools open and close, which is why the tablets are in demand in order to adjust chlorine levels to the proper concentration and manage surrounding water whilst not in use.


1-Inch Chlorine Tablets Instructions for Use:

  • Determine the Quantity:Calculate the Amount: Based on the information about your pool, calculate the number of tablets you need. Normally, a safe and effective dosage presupposes using 1-2 tablets per 10,000 gallons of pool water per week .
  • Placement in Dispensers:Once you learn the quantity of tablets needed, you can either place them in the skimmer basket, floating dispenser, or automatic feeder. This step will help the tablet to dissolve slowly, gradually releasing the necessary amount of chlorine and equally spreading in the water.
  • Regular Monitoring:Finally, you should monitor chlorine levels once a week with a testing kit .

These simple steps will help you keep the proper chlorine content and enjoy the crystal-clear water.