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Chlorine Granules

Our 44 lb bucket of chlorine granules is perfect for a comprehensive pool shock treatment. These granules quickly neutralize harmful organisms, ensuring clear water. They dissolve quickly, making them a great choice for emergency sanitation needs.

Experience the power of pool chlorine granules for sanitizing swimming pools with our fast-dissolving 44-pound package. Ideal for maintaining pool cleanliness, these chlorine granules for pool ensure effective sanitization, keeping your pool water clear and safe for swimmers.

  • Fast Dissolving: Water clears quickly.
  • Shock Treatment: Kills organisms instantly.
  • Clear Water: Purity guaranteed.
  • Contains premium 56% stabilized available chlorine
  • 99% sodium dichloro triazinetrione dihydrate
  • Fast Dissolving - Add 1 ounce of this cleaning chemical per 5,000 gallons of pool water per day for optimal rapid water treatment maintenance.
  • Powerful disinfectant powder that destroys bacteria, breaks down contaminants and kills algae
Sodium Dichlor Chlorine Shock Granules for Sanitizing Swimming Pools - Fast Dissolving 44 Pound